Curated List of Learning Material

This page lists external material such as conference talks, articles, and blog posts that cover Reactor 3+ and can serve as an alternative source of knowledge about the library.

  Lite Rx API Hands On

Hands-on, targeted at an audience new to reactive programming, with Reactor 3.

  Practical Reactor workshop

Practical hands-on workshop, that includes over 100 unique exercises to provide production like experience and possibility improve existing skills, by Stefan Dragisic.

  Flight of the Flux

An exploration of Reactor internals.

  Get Started with Reactive Programming in Spring

A collection of tutorials based on Okta, Spring, and Reactor, by Matt Raible.

  Get Reactive with Project Reactor and Spring 5

A deep-dive slide deck about Reactor and Spring, by Oleh Dokuka.

  Head-First Spring and Reactor Reactive Workshop

A hands-on introduction to Spring Boot 2 and Reactor (archived)

  Advanced Reactive Java (David Karnok's blog)

David Karnok ( akarnokd) is the main RxJava committer, and also contributes to Reactor. His blog digs deep into the details of reactive flow implementations, and most of this knowledge can be transposed to Reactor.